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As a member, you can be an artist who creates pieces to contribute to galleries/exhibitions or a writer/columnist writing blog posts/articles ranging from informational works to personal anecdotes. You can be an editor for blog articles, a graphic designer/illustrator for our online platforms or help come up with potential projects and initiatives and/or work on fundraising or web development! 

Apply here if you are interested. Member (aka officer) applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


You also don’t have to be a member to support us! You can support by attending our events and/or submitting one of your works to our open creative work submission form!



Art and Environmental Justice

The Zora Foundation hosted Anthropocene, an art and environmental justice exhibition at the Weston Art and Innovation Center in April 2022.


In collaboration with the Cambridge School of Weston and the Weston High School artists and sustainability groups, we kicked off the event with a presentation on environmental justice issues and sustainable practices.


The exhibition featured student artwork from the two high schools as well as a Q&A panel session where our student leaders and artists answered questions from the attendees and elaborate on their work.


Through this event, we hoped to spread greater social awareness around environmental justice issues and sustainable practices in order to promote an informed and social-minded community.​ 

Link to WAIC page​

Environmental Justice Advocacy through the Arts

The Zora Foundation officially published our Spring 2022 Anthropocene literary art magazine focused on spreading greater social awareness around environmental justice issues and sustainable practices in May 2022.

The magazine features art and literary works by students from the Cambridge School of Weston, the Weston High School and more! 

Physical magazine copies (74 pages excluding the front and back cover) are currently available for sale for $10.00 per copy. To order a copy, please fill out this order form

Any additional profits made through the magazine sales will go to support the Sierra Club, an influential national grassroots environmental organization whose successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness, to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, they’ve made history by leading the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy.


Please support The Zora Foundation and our students' efforts by buying copies for your friends and family and/or sharing the order form link with them and members of our greater community!

To view our magazine on Issuu, please click on this link here.


Empty Bowls Dinner for Rosie's Place Boston

The Zora Foundation collaborated with the Cambridge School of Weston's Empty Bowls team to host an Empty Bowls dinner on June 3, 2022 where we raised $1400 to support Rosie's Place, a non-profit organization in the Boston area that serves as a community center supporting women through providing them with shelter, meals, job search services, legal assistance, and more.

We partnered to assist with the logistical and artistic aspects of the event initiative to contribute our part in fighting local hunger.


Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

In the 2022-23 school year, The Zora Foundation will focus our efforts on projects and initiatives dedicated to raising awareness around discriminatory issues in the effort to combat our country’s inherent bigotry and to honor the works towards positive change.

We believe that social justice advocacy through creative mediums helps fight prejudice by highlighting different perspectives and experiences through artistic means. Our hopes are that our initiatives this year will not only inform our communities about a range of social discriminatory issues but also help construct a more holistic and positive narrative around the importance of community awareness as well as the humanity of those combating discriminatory challenges. 

Exhibition in Art Gallery
Exhibition in Art Gallery

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Exhibition in Art Gallery
Exhibition in Art Gallery

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WAIC Exhibition

Spring 2023

Spring exhibition at the Weston Art and Innovation Center.

More Information Coming Soon

Design Magazine
Design Magazine

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Design Magazine
Design Magazine

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AFH Exhibition

Spring 2023

Spring exhibition at the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter Gallery space.

More Information Coming Soon

Misty Mountain
Magazine Issue

Spring 2023


More Information Coming Soon




Want to advocate for a social issue AND showcase your creativity? Fill out our Google Form for your work to be featured on our Instagram and/or website! You can also @thezorafoundation or use the hashtag #zora to be featured on our Instagram story.

We are looking for any form of creative arts (drawing, painting, film, videos, performance photos, music, dance, illustrations, photography, etc. and any literary works!) that advocates for a cause, shares your experience with an issue

Literary works can be a personal anecdote, an informational or persuasive article on an ongoing issue, creative writing/poetry, etc!

The Zora Foundation will be directing our focus on Discrimination for the 2022-23 school year. All submitted works should relate to or address some form of discrimination. 

We look forward to seeing your submission!⁣ Please feel free to email zora.nonprofit@gmail.com with any questions!



Want to take an initiative and mobilize your peers for social justice advocacy through the creative arts? Register your student chapter today to get started! Student Chapters meet regularly and take action for specific social justice issues through artistic mediums. Chapters decide on a particular social issue to concentrate and center their work around for the school year then work to partner with aligned school committees and student groups on various projects and initiatives. They partner with local organizations aligned with their focus to avail themselves of professional resources and contacts as well as to support their greater community.

Email zora.nonprofit@gmail.com to get started!