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Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina No.1, December 13th 2018, by Zaria Forman

Like birds

the sharp iceberg tops crane their heads

toward the sun

as it gently falls upon them

and ice becomes water

that drips down through the caverns of each glacier.

They are penguins-

birds that do not fly

but wish to-

instead they are confined

to the turbulent water

and the glaring heat.

The air around them

becoming warmer-

limp penguins piled atop each other.

The azure

is fading to white

as ice sheets fall

into the gray ocean-

a reflection of our sky.

A reflection of our hands-

plump and greedy and ignorant

as fingers reach for the beautiful,

for the delicate

and frail

and forgotten

and left behind.


Writer's Note:

I chose this drawing to base my poem on because of the pure beauty of the glacier depicted and the realism of the drawing. In my poem, I strived to capture the beauty and peaceful silence of the glacier, while also addressing how climate change has begun to deteriorate these icebergs.

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