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Alice Wang

Director of Graphic Design

Hi! This is Alice Wang, a junior at the Cambridge School of Weston. I was born in the States, later moved to live in Japan with my family for two years, but was raised in China for most of my childhood. I’m into fashion, visual art, and dance. Having visited 14 different countries in the world, I always find local art museums to be the most attractive site to me. Through paintings, sculptures, and other art forms, I see history, ranges of identity and beliefs, along with lots of other meaningful narratives. I believe art is the best way to convey and express.

I’m also very passionate about teaching and helping younger students. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, I have participated in a program dedicated to teaching English to the children of doctors and nurses in Wuhan, China. Afterwards, I joined and served as a regional director in a non-profit organization aiming to connect East Asian children with North American teenagers to enhance English education and promote cross-cultural exchange. Now, through The Zora Foundation, I hope to further address the issue of education access and encourage the younger generation to express their unique selves through the creative arts.

Alice Wang
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