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Ryogo Katahira

Creative Director of Music Composition​

Hi everyone! I’m Ryogo Katahira and a junior at the Cambridge School of Weston, as my peers are. I was born in Tokyo, Japan, and lived there until middle school. I’ve joined many musical activities in my school such as chorus, but I have been particularly interested in piano, which I started practicing when I was two years old. It became a huge part of me, especially after coming to the United States. Music was one of my communication tools when I was not very good at English. Additionally, many people I’ve worked with and programs/classes to engage in music gave me chances to extend my skills into Jazz and composition. These experiences told me that music can be used as an expression of your feelings and thoughts.

Art is a universal language. Any form of art can symbolize the artist’s idea behind it. And the opportunities for artistic creation should not be lost for any reason. Zora will open doors for many children who would like to extend their possibilities, and I greatly appreciate that I can get involved with this organization.

Ryogo Katahira
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