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Man Spread

Poem by Suri Kautz


spreads his legs

as if to swallow

the whole world with his groin;

Man Spread

across the globe

a map laced with lines

like a butterfly’s wings

and between his heavy, greedy fingers

he squishes the delicate creature-

crumpling its frail, silk wings,

he will punch,

purple-knuckled and blood-stained shirt

until the femininity is gone,

until all that is left

is his very own

dark, laddish shadow.

And as the insect falls to the ground,

he reaches for her hand,

claims he loves her

but his breath reeks of empty beer bottles

left scattered on the table.

It is only a day later

that the empty bottles are no longer bottles,

but ale-stained glass shards

scattered across the floor,

like a map of anger

he follows-

He calls it ‘manhood’

when he brawls at bars,

because his Dad called it that too,

and with his trail

of shattered beer-bottles

he etches his name

into the ballot

to vote her rights away-

to claim her as his

between his heavy, greedy fingers.

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